Microcosm of the Macrocosm: 7 Planet-Focused Stories from Around the World

Good news happening all over the world… Life and Soul Magazine provides a regular roundup of stories about our planet. I’m looking forward to dipping into these.

Life & Soul Magazine

Here’s a roundup of some of the stories that have captured Life & Soul Magazine’s attention this week:

1. Thailand’s most famous beach, Maya Bay, is set to be tourist-free for at least another two years CNN reports that Maya Bay, the stunning cove made famous by “The Beach”, the 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio is will likely to remain closed for two more years to allow for its natural resources to regenerate, according to Songtam Suksawang, director of Thailand’s National Parks Department (NPD).

2. Amsterdam bans all petrol and diesel cars and motorbikes from 2030 – The plan will start next year with a ban of diesel cars over 15 years of age, as the city works to improve its terrible track record for air quality, which it has gained despite the Dutch people’s love of bicycles, according to The Driven.

3. Irish parliament declares climate emergency –…

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Turning Portuguese

It’s Sunday so why not relax on a trip to Portugal with Grace, my travelling writer friend.



The first time we visited Portugal was with a tent, a giant, swish ‘pyramid’ tent that we’d borrowed from Husband’s colleague. I had to crawl in and hold the central pole, getting hot and sweaty while Husband hammered the pegs in outside. On a site at Ancora [north Portugal] where an interested neighbour ‘advised’ us on where to have our doorway, we pitched under some sap-dropping trees that stained said tent for ever, resulting in our having to buy the colleague a brand new pyramid tent when we returned. [We’d also torn the fabric attempting to dry it out in a French motorway services car park].


This was also the trip when we visited Porto by train from Viano do Costelo, buying return tickets and discovered on our return to the station to get back, that the train ‘does not return from here’. We had a wonderful, dockside meal and…

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Pop-up bar at Tokyo waste facility aims to get residents to rethink their trash

Visit Life and Soul to see a wonderful variety of views on caring for the environment. Today’s blog is really intriguing – would you go for coffee here?

Life & Soul Magazine

A pop-up bar has opened up at a waste facility in Tokyo, where bar-goers can watch trash being incinerated while they drink, in an effort to get them to think about the waste they produce.

The bar, called the Gomi (Trash) Pit, was built thanks to local officials at the Musashino Clean Centre facility, western Tokyo.

Musashino is going to great lengths to ensure that its residents take care of the environment. While it’s common practice in Japan for people to sort their waste into different categories, Musashino also charges for the garbage bags the authorities collect.

These measures aim to encourage people to minimise waste, but local officials hope exposing people to the sight of the accumulated trash will have an even bigger effect.

At Gomi Pit, several dozen people sit at tables eating nibbles and sipping cocktails. The bar features glass windows that look down directly into the…

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A Letter to the Sun………

A letter to the Sun and a reply we should all read.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal



If You may

Please go to Computer Settings

Kindly display Brightness and

Lower your Brightness

We are sweating like pigs

Temperatures are sky-rocketing

Please, it’s too hot to Handle You!


I have not changed any settings

Please go to your settings and

Increase the number of trees

Reduce carbon emission levels

Reduce concrete jungles

Increase number of lakes

Use water wisely and carefully

Instead of bikes, cars

Use bicycles whenever possible

Or go walking it is the best exercise

Sun further said…………

My dear children

Basically, You all need to Switch to

Human Mode’ from ‘Auto Mode’

Otherwise do not blame me

For the Global Warming

Simple as that…………..

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Smorgasbord Special Feature – Understanding: An Anthology of True and Significant Life Events- Contributors, Bernard Foong, Darlene Foster, Janet Gogerty and Debbie Harris

Understanding is an anthology of real life experiences. Sally Cronin is featuring all of the authors who contributed. I am included in today’s selection. The book is only 99p to download and the proceeds go to cancer research. If you are interested in other people’s lives – and aren’t we all – find out more.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Over the next two weeks I will be featuring the contributors to this anthology of true and significant events. Writers share intimate and life changing events in their lives with courage and honesty whilst inspiring others.

The proceeds from this anthology will be going to Cancer Research and it is a very worthy cause.

Here is the link to the previous post where you can also find the link to the first: Contributors part two

About the anthology

The following authors and bloggers answered questions posed by Stevie Turner regarding significant life experiences they had undergone. These events include sexual abuse, a near death experience, alcoholism, being diagnosed with cancer, depression, losing weight, getting married, being a mother to many children, being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, and many more!

In the coming week I will feature the other authors in separate posts.

All proceeds will be…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks to Grace for answering all my questions, here are her answers for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Her answer to number 8 provides a clue as to where she gets interesting material for her blogs.



Fellow blogger Janet has kindly nominated me for this award. To find her blog, which describes her travels around the UK and includes all kinds of eclectic details, visit here: https://tidalscribe.wordpress.com/

The Rules….Well, there are always rules are there not?

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and make a link back to their blog.
2.Answer the 11 questions sent to you by the person who nominated you.
3.Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, and then write them 11 new questions – or cheat and use the same questions
4.List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

So here are my answers to Janet’s questions:

1.Tell us three things about the place and country where you live now.

a] The small, Dorset town where I live has the largest parish church in the country.

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Grace looks back at her best ever holiday to a country everyone regards as special, but reminds us how easy it is to let hate flourish.


NZ Queenstown

We travelled to New Zealand in the autumn of 2011 when the Rugby World Cup was scheduled to be held there. This was to be our retirement treat-a three month stonker of a trip that also encompassed Australia [where I have cousins] and a small add-on of a stay in Hong Kong on the way home.

The thrill of such an enormous piece of travel was tempered, initially by having our flight from Heathrow cancelled by Quantas for no reason we could discern. This meant that our onward flights from Brisbane were scuppered, messing up our arrival to Christchurch, New Zealand and losing us a night of accommodation.

2011 was also the year of Christchurch’s catastrophic earthquake, which was heartbreaking in itself, besides disrupting the Rugby matches and venues involved.

After a tortuous and exhausting series of flights we arrived to Christchurch’s small airport. In the arrivals hall we staggered…

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Sunshine Blogger Award 4

Popsicle Society was one of the bloggers I nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Enjoy reading her answers and find out more.

Popsicle Society

I’m very grateful to Janet from Times and Tides of a Beachwriter for this Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you Janet 😊

I have discovered Janet recently and I’m glad I did it. If you don’t know her yet, she has four novels and four collections of short fiction published on Amazing Kindle, go visit her blog now and you won’t be disappointed.

The Rules

Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and make a link back to their blog.

Answer the 11 questions sent to you by the person who nominated you.

Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, and then write them 11 new questions – or cheat and use the same questions 🙂

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

Janet’s questions

1.Tell us three things about the place and country where you live…

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