I have been writing furiously for twelve years and have four  novels and four collections of short fiction published on Amazon Kindle; my collections and two of my novels are now also available as paperbacks. I am hoping to soon finish editing my novel ‘At The Seaside Nobody Hears You Scream’. I also enjoy writing blogs and book reviews.


Leaflet 2015 backOn my website you can read about my books, catch up with the illustrated Beachwriter’s Blog, visit the picture gallery or find short fiction to enjoy with your coffee break.




At Goodreads you can read my book reviews.


Visit my Facebook author page to see what’s happening.



 Visit my Amazon author page for a glance at all my books.




Quarter Acre Block

Brief Encounters Trilogy : Brief Encounters of the Third Kind

                                                   Three  Ages of Man

                                                   Lives of Anna Alsop


Dark and Milk

Hallows and Heretics

Times and Tides

Someone Somewhere


Open the book…


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Loved your most recent piece about the Music Notes. My parents didn’t have classical music at home put my mom looked for it on TV or in the park. I was able to play the cello in my school’s orchestra. I love getting lost in it, although the William Tell Overture still says “Lone Ranger” to me. LOL Your books sound interesting will look you up in the other sites. All the best.

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    1. Thanks very much, so glad it resonated with you. I’m impressed you got into the school orchestra; I tried a few instruments at school and college without success – that’s for future blogs!


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